Thursday, 23 July 2015

Martin Storey - Easy Aran Knits!

Yes, MORE ARAN designs coming your way, this time from Martin Storey in his 

"Easy Aran Knits"

This design collection uses two Aran weight yarns....

Rowan's Fine Art Aran - now with 6 tonal shades added to the 8 hand painted original shades;

and the new Super Fine Merino Aran - in a range of 12 sophisticated solids!

The designs in this collection are classed as "easy", but that doesn't mean they are plain or heaven forbid, boring!

"Clayton" teams the casual sweatshirt style
 (neckline detail, raglan sleeves...
and a hand warmer pocket),
 with the new "Super Fine Merino Aran" (Dusk 013)
to reach a whole new level of casual sophistication!
"Woolley" is another "easy" raglan design, 
with a knit/purl textured allover check pattern.
It is shown here in Fine Art Aran (Squirrel 002)
"Saltaire" is a long "Coatigan" with side slit 
deep bottom rib and handy front body pockets! 
It's shown here in Super Fine Merino Aran (Sage 011)
I think Martin does fabulous designs for men...
"Clifton" is a fine example!

Take the luxurious Fine Art Aran (Vole 006) 
and knit it up into a hooded pullover style
that is great worn on it's own, and perfect layered under a jacket!
Here Martin takes a double breasted cardigan and
with the oversized collar and slip stitch rib detail,
becomes a stylish statement piece.
Shown here in Fine Art Aran (Dormouse 005) 
"Eske" shows just how challenging it can be to model for Rowan!
This cropped cardigan has wide square set in sleeves
and a single button closure!
Shown here in Super Fine Merino Aran (Bilberry 012) 

I could go on and on about this collection. These are just my personal favourites!

Have a good look at all of the designs, because as I said, simple doesn't have to mean plain or boring....sometimes simple is simply perfect!

Do you like to watch the designs as shown in a video format? Well....

or, check them out on the KnitRowan web site here....Easy Aran Knits!

Don't you sometimes look at these photos and wonder if the models are cold...or just how do they get into those positions (like the middle of a creek?); well, you'll love this "behind the scenes" video of the photo shoot for "Easy Aran Knits! You'll see Lisa Richardson wearing her "Art Direction and Stylist" hat!

So don't forget, ALL of these designs can be knit in either the NEW Super Fine Merino Aran, the luxurious Fine Art Aran, OR, wait for it.....Hemp Tweed! 

Yes, Rowan has included a yarn conversion chart in the Easy Aran Knits collection detailing just how many balls of these yarns you'd need to knit any of these designs!

How COOL is that!

I think these conversion charts are wonderful! Imagine being able to pick your design, your favourite yarn, or maybe you'll pick by shade from the range of shades available in these 3 yarns! 

You are truly in charge of your knitting!

Happy Knitting everyone!

(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)

Monday, 20 July 2015

If Aran weight is your favourite!

If you love knitting Aran weight yarn, you are spoilt for choice this season!  Rowan is introducing two new Aran weight yarns!

First up - Hemp Tweed!

Yes, HEMP! (75% wool, 25% hemp)

I loved knitting with this....look at the soft tweed effect, beautiful stitches, a light feeling Aran! Another "breathable" combination....and the hemp keeps the knitted fabric from stretching out, while naturally softening with wear.

Hemp sounds like a pretty amazing addition to wool (my favourite fibre).

I LOVED knitting with this yarn (Yes, I know I've already said that!), so much that I'll be doing a bit of an "acid test" on it to see just how much I love it! (I've said it before, and I'll say it a ball of yarn, take it home, swatch with it, wash it, block it, rub it up a bit....see how it reacts. Is this a yarn you can live with? If it is, then it is worthy of your knitting time.)

I'd buy this collection of designs by Lisa Richardson
 just because of the cover photo!
Who hasn't imagined themselves walking through a field,
 leading a beautiful white horse!

The styling of this collection so reminds me
of what I "see" when I think Rowan.
If you are like me and have the older magazines,
check out the "Free Spirit" section in Magazine 18.

Just to wet your appetite for this fabulous are a few of my favourites! This is a great collection if you like to knit for the men in your life! of the 14 designs by Lisa, 5 of them are for men! Cables, textures, and slip stitch colour work are all here! 

I'm showing you photos here that are more evocative of mood, rather than knit detail...but not to worry, there are great detail photos in the collection.

Click here to see ALL of the designs in the Hemp Tweed collection. I think you will agree that Lisa Richardson has done an outstanding group of designs for both men and women! 

This collection was photographed in the "New Forest". If you are an animal lover like me, you'll really appreciate the behind the scenes story that is shared in this design book....such a tease, aren't I!

Hubby and I visited the New Forest just last month...
and you have to be aware of
the animal inhabitants of "the common".

I will get to blogging about this when the excitement of the new yarns
 dies down and I settle into serious knitting! :)

Next time...

Happy Knitting!

Anne :)
(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)

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